The design and decoration of our ample bedrooms make our guests feel at home.

Sunlight, filtering among the pine trees that border Villa Ayelén, pours in through Canela’s double-pane windows. The wooden beams and waxed floors of the bedrooms give our place that special smell that blends so well with the aroma of Veronica’s baking for tea time.

Two bedrooms can be joined as a big apartment for four to five guests, with two bathrooms and individual access from the outside.

We have good beds, excellent mattresses and lovely eiderdowns for you to rest well after an intensive day at the ski tracks, or maybe after fishing for trout at Esquel’s beautiful rivers and lakes. Also, to have a nice siesta just before boarding the Trochita old steam-engine railway or visiting the Mill Museum at nearby Trevelin, where you may find some tracks of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's passage through Patagonia.